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EnviroClean has over half a decade of Roof Cleaning expertise, with custom soft washing solutions uniquely designed for Sydney roofs.

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EnviroClean’s Roof Cleaning method offers a revolutionary and gentle approach to roof maintenance to offer a safe, highly effective, long lasting and damage free roof cleaning experience for Sydney Home Owners. 

When you choose EnviroClean to clean your roof, you choose a Zero Damage Guarantee, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and value that far surpasses traditional pressure washing in terms of cost, outcomes, safety, speed of delivery, & longevity.

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Roof Soft Washing

Suited to all Types of Roofs in Sydney

EnviroClean has over half a decade of Roof Soft Washing experience encompassing all of Sydney’s most popular roof types.

Terracotta Tiled Roof Cleaning

Terracotta tiles come in a variety of colours and coatings and are prone to black algae and lichen infestations. They can also be prone ‘fretting’ which makes them fragile and often not suited to walk on. Making Roof Soft washing perfect for terracotta tiled roof cleaning.

Concrete tiled Roof Cleaning

Concrete tiles are coated with a oxide coating and are prone to oxidisation, and black algae infestations which eat through the coating. The coloured coating is easily washed off with high pressure cleaning, and can void your manufacturer's warranty on newer roof installations.

Colorbond and Metal Roof Cleaning

Colorbond's recommended method of roof cleaning is to treat the roof with a 2% solution of SH. This aligns perfectly with EnviroClean's roof cleaning method, and produces impressive and lasting results for Colorbond and metal roofs everytime.

Roof Cleaning for Slate Tiled Roofs

Most slate tiled roofs are fragile and should only be walked by the most experienced of operators and only when absolutely necessary. Our roof cleaning permits cleaning from the gutter line in most instances, and is extremely suited to fragile roofs or roofs with steep pitches.
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Roof Cleaning FAQS

EnviroClean’s Roof Cleaning method offers a revolutionary approach to roof maintenance, surpassing traditional pressure cleaning methods in effectiveness, affordability and safety, by utilising a gentle yet highly effective technique. 

Our Roof Cleaning delicately treats your roof, to remove moss, lichen, algae, mould and mildew. EnviroClean’s services ensure your roof’s longevity and provide a healthier home environment for you and your family. Say goodbye to the hazards and limitations of pressure cleaning and embrace the long term benefits of EnviroClean Roof Cleaning.

  1. Primarily roof soft washing removes the risks associated with  pressure washing.
  2. Roof Soft Washing provides a long lasting clean, out lasting traditional pressure cleaning by 30-70%.
  3. Roof Soft washing is on Average about 30% cheaper than roof pressure washing
  4. Roof Soft Washing can be completed in less than half the time it will take to pressure clean the roof.
  5. Roof Soft Washing produces very little noise when compared to pressure cleaning, a roof soft wash is almost silent.
  1. The risk of water ingress into the roof cavity when pressure cleaning is very high. This may cause damage to internal ceilings, electrics and walls. Check your insurance covers damage caused by pressure washing beforehand. Insurers are well versed with the risks associated with roof pressure washing. Don’t take our word for it, speak with your insurance company beforehand.
  2. High risk of broken tiles, and damage to roof pointing.
  3. High risk of damage to the coating on concrete roof tiles, resulting in a significant loss of colour and exposing the bare concrete.
  4. Most roof warranties will be voided by pressure washing, check with your supplier if your roof is still under warranty.
  5. High risk of damage to old repairs resulting in leaks.
  6. High risk of significant pollution run off into local creeks.
  7. High risk of roof debris and roof oxide staining on yours and your neighbour’s properties.
  8. High risk for the cleaning technician, increasing the risk of a serious accident at your home.

The soft washing process is simple and very effective:

  1. Apply the Biocide Solution: Our Roof Cleaning services employ a fast-acting biocide solution to eradicate moss, mould, mildew, algae, lichen, and other harmful organic matter that can compromise your roof’s integrity. Applied at a low pressure of 70psi, we minimise overspray and safeguard your roof’s surface from damage. We have options for the biocide used and the will be provided during the quoting process.
  2. Spray and Leave: Once applied, the solution continues to work long after our departure, killing organic growth to the level of the microscopic roots. The organic matter then gently washes away with subsequent rainfall. 

There are four reasons:

  1. The longer the cleaning solution is is contact with the the roof, the more thorough and longer lasting the clean will be.
  2. Waiting for rain to wash away the cleaning solution and the organic contaminants on you roof minimises the impact to the environment.
  3. Rinsing concrete tiled roofs, especially older roofs where the tile coating is oxidised, will result in the loss of colour on the roof.
  4. Increasing the potential for water ingress into the roof similar to that with pressure cleaning.
  1. Concrete tiled roofs will see a major immediate improvement. These roofs suffer mostly from infestations of black algae. This will immediately lose its colour and the roofs natural colour will be evident straight away.
  2. Roofs that suffer from both black algae and lichen infestations will also notice a significant visual improvement. However the lichen infestations will turn white and need rain to wash away. This is normally the case with terracotta tiled roofs, Colorbond and slate.
  1. You need a little patience for the roof to completely clear. Most roofs are cleared with a few days to couple of weeks, but in drier seasons it may take up to three months.
  2. Water tank pollution. This also applies to pressure cleaning. If the water is used for the garden, it should not be used for a few weeks after cleaning. It can be used for flushing toilets though.
  3. If your gutters are already rusted or corroded soft washing may worsen the condition. If gutters are in good condition they will be fine.
  4. Soft washing creates a smell most people do not like. Close all windows on the day. The smell usually dissipates in a day.
  5. The downsides and risks of soft washing are quite insignificant when compared to the risks of pressure cleaning.

You will need to check with your provider, but roof soft washing is a safe and non-invasive cleaning method that won’t damage your roof.  Most roof manufacturers recommend soft washing as a preferred maintenance method.

The frequency of roof soft washing depends on factors such as the climate, surrounding vegetation, available sunlight and the level of contamination. Generally, we recommend scheduling roof soft washing every 5-10 years to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your roof.

Yes, roof soft washing is highly effective at removing moss, algae, mold, lichen, and other stains from your roof’s surface. Our solutions penetrate deep into the roof material, eliminating contaminants and restoring the roof’s appearance without causing any damage.

Yes, roof soft washing is safe for all types of roofs, including concrete and terracotta tiles and colorbond. Our gentle cleaning process ensures that your roof remains intact and undamaged, regardless of its material or age.

Yes, roof soft washing not only removes existing stains and contaminants but also helps prevent future growth by eliminating the root cause of the problem. Our  cleaning solutions inhibit the regrowth of moss, algae, and mold, prolonging the lifespan of your roof and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Yes, roof soft washing can be scheduled year-round, as long as weather conditions permit. Roof soft washing can generally not be done when it is raining.

Potentially yes it can! But in over half a decade of operation we have had no significant issues. We offer a zero damage guarantee which also covers your garden.

12 Reasons to Choose EnviroClean Sydney to Clean Your Roof

  1. Over half a decade of specialised roof cleaning expertise.
  2. Enjoy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional pressure washing methods.
  3. Results lasting up to 3 times longer than standard pressure washing.
  4. Peace of mind with our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
  5. Our Zero Damage Guarantee ensures your roof’s integrity remains intact.
  6. Tailored Roof Cleaning solutions specifically developed for Sydney’s unique homes.
  7. Choose from our array of Eco-Friendly chemical options for a sustainable clean.
  8. Great reviews from our satisfied customers on social platforms.
  9. Efficient service completion in less than half the time of traditional pressure washing methods.
  10. Don’t disturb the neighbours. A roof soft wash, is significantly quieter than pressure cleaning.
  11. Avoid mess over your’s and your neighbours properties.
  12. Preserve your roof’s structural integrity with non-invasive soft wash techniques, eliminating the need for walking on certain roofs.

FAQS About EnviroClean

We’ve been in continuous operation since Oct 2017.

Yes we have 20 Million Public Liability Insurance.

Yes our ABN is 26 166 971 371. We also have a Facebook page, a verified Google business profile, and this website. EnviroClean Sydney is a legitimate operation, unlike many providers in this industry.

Our core exterior cleaning services are Roof Cleaning (soft washing), House Washing and Outdoor Surface Cleaning (driveways, patios, decks, fences, retaining walls etc). We also offer Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning. However, these are supplementary services that we only offer in conjunction with a core service and are provided either free of charge or at a highly discounted rate. 

We are based in Carlingford NSW 2118. We service most of metropolitan Sydney. However because work with dual cabs, utes and trailers we may struggle to get access to properties in high density population areas where parking may not be available, or locations that don’t have have sufficient provision for us to ‘turn and exit’.

Most people contact us by requesting a same day online quote using the form provided, or you can phone 0421 675 037.

We offer a Zero Damage Guarantee, the details of this are provided in the Service Guide you will receive with your quote. We also offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. This is offered in accordance with the expectations set in our Services Guide and our Terms and Conditions. If we fail to deliver on these, you will not be charged or any money paid will be refunded in full.

At EnviroClean Sydney, integrity forms the cornerstone of our business. We maintain transparency, honesty, and accountability in every job. We provide transparent fixed price quotes online, we provide complete documentation with your quote that fully describes the services offered, our terms and conditions, what to expect, and how to prepare your home.

We explain both the pros and cons and we are quick to answer any questions you may have.

At EnviroClean we believe good communication and clear expectations are the foundation of a good agreement.

We offer a fast and free quoting service and can confidently quote most homes using satellite imaging software and online image resources such as real estate apps.

By using the forms provided we obtain all the information we need to quote your property online.

We will call you to confirm your requirements. We may ask your to send us photos, if the online images of your property are out of date or not sufficient for quoting purposes.

Absolutely! We use the latest in Satellite imaging software to provide good image of the property. Using this and over half a decade of experience and an intimate knowledge of Sydney properties we can quote most properties without visiting them in person.

Yes, if your home is local to us we may ask if your would like us to quote in person.

Our quotes are fixed price, so if we have underestimated the work involved, that is on us and we will shoulder the cost. There will be no change in price. The only time the quoted price might change, is if you want to increase the scope of the work requested.

Yes every ‘in scope’ item will be listed and priced separately. We will normally call you first to clarify scope. This allows you to make informed decisions about your expenditure.

No problem at all. You will receive two automated reminder emails after the quote. If we don’t hear back from you, we will simply mark the job as unsuccessful and will not contact you again. 

We will contact you to schedule the work at your convenience. You will then receive a booking confirmation, two reminders before the cleaning date, and a text on the day when we are on our way.

When we send out your quote we will also send our Terms & Conditions, an Exterior Cleaning Services Guide so you understand how the service work and what to expect, and a pre-clean checklist so your home is ready on the day.

During the quoting process we explain this in full. When working with chemicals it is a much about ‘HOW’ the chemicals are used, as it is about ‘WHAT’ chemicals are used. In truth there are no chemicals that are safe for the environment if used irresponsibly. EnviroClean’s processes have been carefully designed to minimise chemical usage and impact to the environment. By utilising the right chemicals, at the right strength, and with appropriate controls and techniques, we can minimise the impact of your cleaning on the environment.

No we don’t. High pressure cleaning only, simply does not clean. It only provides superficial results that are short lived and result in very low customer satisfaction, and it often causes irreversible damage to your home’s surfaces. We specialise in providing high quality cleaning outcomes that are designed to last, and not  cause damage to your property. This requires a combination of chemical cleaning (soft washing) and pressure washing to deliver these results.

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