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We are committed to delivering the highest quality Surface Cleaning services in Sydney, and your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Outdoor Surface Cleaning in Sydney. Why Choose Us?

EnviroClean is a leading provider of Surface Cleaning services in Sydney. Our Surface Cleaning services will make your outdoor surfaces look and feel like new again. They will also protect your surfaces and create a safer and healthier environment for you and your family. EnviroClean Sydney's services are also safe for your home and garden….Check out our gallery at the bottom of this page to see our amazing Surface Cleaning results.

The most affordable surface cleaning in Sydney

Our surface cleaning services are the highest quality, and the most affordable in Sydney. Put us to the test, and we will beat any professional Surface Cleaning quote by at least 10%.

The features of our surface cleaning services

Experienced Staff

We have over half a decade of expertise in Outdoor Surface Cleaning in Sydney, and our services suit all types of surface.

Affordable Pricing

EnviroClean Sydney will beat any Surface Cleaning quote by at least 10%. This makes us the most affordable in Sydney.

State of The Art Equipment

We custom design and build our own Surface Cleaning equipment. We also do regular maintenance to ensure it works well when it needs to.

Trusted Service Provider

Unlike many operators in the industry, we run a professional Surface Cleaning service. We have a reputation you can trust.

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Why Our Clients Love Our Surface Cleaning services

We are committed to providing expert Surface Cleaning Services in Sydney. Your pristine surfaces are only a click away!

EnviroClean's Surface Cleaning Process

EnviroClean just helped us get our house ready for sale, and what a difference the cleaning has made. Our surfaces haven't looked this good in years. Very efficient, and with a good professional attitude, I highly recommend EnviroClean, especially if you are getting ready to sell
David was pleasant, professional, detailed and thorough in the work he undertook on our house. Paint work looks like new! we would highly recommend him.

At EnviroClean Sydney, our Surface Cleaning priorities are your health, safety, and satisfaction

For over half a decade, EnviroClean Sydney has built a solid business on our reputation and word of mouth referrals. We offer all EnviroClean's Surface Cleaning customers two guarantees. The first is a Zero Damage Guarantee. The second is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Surface Cleaning Services don't just make your surfaces look good...

EnviroClean’s Surface Cleaning services are your home’s first line of defence against deterioration. They protect your home’s surfaces from premature decay and provide a safe and healthy home environment for your family. 

Surfaces that are not regularly cleaned, pose a risk to lifespan and structural integrity. And can cause mould and mildew problems inside your home.

Algae, mould, mildew, lichen and other organic substances cause most exterior decay. They infest all exterior surfaces, take minerals and nutrients from them, and can permanently discolour natural stone finishes. Regular Surface Cleaning will help prevent this.

Regular Surface Cleaning and chemical treatments from EnviroClean, will help to avoid many of the risks associated with allowing organic substances to grow unchecked around the home.

Affordable quality

Our custom engineered Surface Cleaning solutions provide quality, at a price you can afford, and we will beat any genuine quote by 10%.

We are dedicated

At EnviroClean, we have over half a decade of experience Surface Cleaning in Sydney and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How our Surface Cleaning services work

We use a fast-acting, deep-penetrating biocide solution combined with various Surface Cleaning techniques, to kill mould, mildew, algae, lichen and other organics that will damage your outdoor surfaces and create an unsafe environment. The solution is applied at low pressure (70psi) to minimise overspray and prevent damage to surfaces.

After this, we rinse at low, medium or high pressure, depending on the surface and what is safe and appropriate, This will remove the dead organic matter. We then post-treat the surfaces with the same biocide. 

The post-Surface Cleaning treatment is only done on masonry, concrete and stone surfaces, and is vital to proving a long lasting result. It is not applicable to painted, coated, glass, or other surfaces.

Our Surface Cleaning services will also remove, bird and bat poop, dust and pollution grime, insects and cobwebs and leave your outdoor areas with a fresh, clean and healthy look to enjoy for years to come. We only use high pressure when it is appropriate and mostly rely on our custom soft washing processes.

What to expect from EnviroClean's Surface Cleaning

Trust EnviroClean, our Surface Cleaning Services in Sydney, will elevate your curb appeal, protect your home, and provide a healthier outdoor lifestyle for you and your family.

EnviroClean Sydney is committed to Outdoor Surface Cleaning excellence. Restore your surfaces in just one click!

I recently got our home washed by David, I had left him at our home and went to work. When I drove up the drive way I could not stop say OMG what an amazing job. The house looked like it was freshly painted. Thank you David for your professional and prompt work. I highly recommend your service. Suzan
EnviroClean soft washed our very steep glazed terracotta roof that hadn’t been cleaned in many years (possibly never) and it was badly affected with lichen and algae. David worked very quickly, was very good to deal with, and after just one heavy the rain we have already noticed a huge difference. An EnviroClean soft wash was a fantastic cleaning option for our older roof, as we were very worried about pressure cleaning. Absolutely recommend.

EnviroClean Sydney's Services

EnviroClean Sydney offers a range of exterior cleaning services to keep your home safe, healthy and in pristine condition.

Roof Cleaning

EnviroClean Sydney's Roof Soft washing is the safest and most thorough roof cleaning method...

House Washing

Stop the decay and create a healthier home environment with an EnviroClean House Wash...

Surface Cleaning

Get safe and lasting results for your outdoor surfaces. EnviroClean's soft washing and pressure...

Soft Washing

Soft washing is the most effective and safest exterior cleaning method in most residential situations...

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can be an appropriate service for exterior cleaning in the right situation...

Solar Panel Cleaning

Why pay for Solar Panel Cleaning, when you can clean them for free, with a Roof Soft Wash...

Window Cleaning

Why pay for window Cleaning, when you can clean them for free, with an EnviroClean House Wash..

Gutter Cleaning

Save up to 30% on Gutter Cleaning when you book a roof soft wash with EnviroClean...
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